October 16, 2021

Joining The Air Force: Preparing For Your Visit To The Air Force Recruiter

If you have a planned meeting coming up with an air force recruiter, it is essential that you prepare adequately for the appointment. Meeting any job recruitment agent can be an anxious activity if not enough ground work has been carried out. The following tips should help you get through the meeting with no hiccups.

It is important to approach the appointment without stress or fear. It is natural to feel some amount of worry prior to the date of the meeting. As long as you have a professional attitude and are able to make a good impression, there is no need to believe that the result will not be positive. You shouldn’t approach the meeting hoping that it is short and brief, the enlistment process can take a considerable amount of time. If you are given paperwork to sign, it may be best to take it home to read.

You can take along a friend or relative with you when meeting the recruiter. Often, with strong moral support, the task is far more relaxing. Also, your friend or relative may view the meeting from a different perspective, and would therefore be well placed to provide you with essential feedback.

To be accepted to join the Air Force, you must first of all complete the Armed Services Vocational Battery (ASVAB) test. As long as you understanding basic academic skills, the ASVAB test should not pose any real problem. If you fail the test at the first attempt, you can re-sit the paper, but only after a wait of six months.

It is worth noting that even if you achieve a high score in the test, you may not end up with the job that you desire. Job selection is based on a range of criteria and not just the test score, this includes eyesight, physical strength, education achieved, and also security considerations. If there is a specific profile that you would like, such a position may not always be available. For this reason, you may want to delay joining up until the opening you prefer is advertised.

If you have a preference on where in the country, or the world, you would like to be stationed, this needs to be discussed with the recruiters. It can be important for new applicants to be located close to home during their training. Even if you are able to start at a base of your choosing, consider that at a later date you may be requested to move further afield.

Students that constantly are top of their class may find it worthwhile to ask the recruiters about qualifying for a high rank opening. Speciality positions are available, but the entrance requirements do vary. Consider what information you would need to help you in making the correct decision.

One of the most important considerations that would need to be discussed with the Air Force recruiter is the amount of commitment required. The shortest term is usually two years active duty and four years in the reserve service.

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