October 16, 2021

Top Five Air Force Careers: A Guide For The Future

Air force careers can be extremely rewarding and enjoyable. There are a number of exciting profiles awaiting the right candidates. High demand positions are more difficult to fill due to their inherent dangerous and challenging nature. It would be wrong to think that all careers in the US Air force involve flying, there are a wide range of positions currently available to suit professionals from a variety of disciplines. The following examples are just a few of the careers that can be chosen today.

One of the most obvious careers would involve mechanical engineering, specifically ensuring the safety and usability of various planes, helicopters, and associated equipment. A positive aspect relating to mechanical jobs is that the skills which are learnt are also in demand in civilian life. Upon discharge from the military it should not be that difficult to continue in this field of expertise.

As in any organization, administrative work is essential for efficiency in the military. Information specialists and clerical staff may not have the most exciting profiles, but nevertheless are still in high demand throughout all branches of the Armed Forces. If you have excellent math skills, there is the possibility of serving the country by enlisting as an accountant or bookkeeper. The skills that are required can also be used in the civilian workplace. In fact, various private employers would prefer to hire veterans over other applicants.

If you have an aptitude for electronics, this is an area of expertise that will grow in demand in the US military over the coming decades. IT has now become an integral component of the modern world. Becoming a military programmer, software specialist, or network engineer can ensure that all departments of the Air Force are able to communicate and plan strategies perfectly, with no confusion or delay. In fact, the original internet was first put to use by the military.

If joining as an electronics specialist, you can be given special training relating to HVAC and other activities. Modern warfare and defense relies on digital technology more than most of us would imagine.

Similar as with electronics, there is also a demand for communication experts in the Air Force. Areas such as linguistics, air traffic control, and telecommunications can help to ensure that pilots stay in touch with ground crews and are able to carry out commands exactly as ordered.

Another interesting career choice would be to work in the field of health care in the armed forces. The Air Force has its own dedicated team of medical specialists such as doctors, optometrists, and dentists. If you want to ensure that the country’s service men and women receive the best care and treatment, joining up as a healthcare specialist can be an extremely satisfactory choice.

These are just a few of the careers available to people interested in joining the Air Force. There is an assortment of other positions also available. If you have a specialist skill, talk to your local recruitment officer about how you can be of service to the country.

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