October 16, 2021

U.N. Authorizes Air Strikes Against Libya – Air Force Planning Strikes

The United Nations Security Council has authorized military air strikes against both ground and air targets in Libya by voting on a resolution backed by the U.S., Great Britain, and France.

Libya Air Strikes

The United Nations has authorized a resolution to allow air strikes against Libya to enforce a no fly zone.

With the resolution approved strikes could begin within hours.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the Pentagon was already planning and fine-tuning strike plans, which could include cruise missile strikes, as well as Air Force fighter jet sorties flown from U.S. and NATO bases in the southern Mediterranean Sea area.

Probably air strikes will include missions flown to establish and maintain a no-fly-zone over Libya, as well as destroy some on the ground defensive positions, as well as offensive attacks to beat back the Gadhafi loyalist positions in order to help the rebels.

With Navy aircraft carrier strike groups deployed elsewhere, it is unlikely that U.S. Navy fighter jets will be used in these missions.

This action comes at a crucial juncture where the Obama administration has appeared to be reluctant to use military force, and right after news that Egypt has been supplying military support to the Libyan rebels in the form of small arms and ammunition.

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