July 8, 2020

Air National Guard

The Air National Guard is an elite group of individuals that is designed to service the needs of local communities, individual states, and the entire United States as a whole. These forces are under the control of the governor from each state, but they can also be deployed by orders of congress or the President in times of need as well.

Rather than being deployed as ground troops though, these units are deployed in the air. This force acts as a reserve for the United States Air Force. These units can also be deployed to assist the efforts in all types of scenarios as well. Whether there is a natural disaster that must be addressed by the U. S. Government, or there is an attack on United States soil, these forces are oftentimes the first forces to arrive on the scene.

In fact, after the attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001, the Air National Guard was the first line of defense to arrive on the scene only minutes after they became aware of the attacks. For this reason, these troops are not only looked upon as reserves of the Air Force, but they are also seen as a strong line of defense that stands between our enemies and the citizens of the United States as well.

Every state has their own set of units. These units are under the command of the governor from each respective state. There are instances where the President may make requests that these forces come forward to assist the other armed forces in unique situations though.

If the armed forces that are under the direct authority of the President are insufficient for maintaining order within the borders of the United States, or the President needs more assistance in enforcing the laws of our country within our borders, these servicemen can be called forth to supply the power and strength the President needs to reinforce the efforts of other armed forces.

In recent years, the Air National Guard has also been integrated into assaults and military activities abroad. This organization has proven to be an important contributor to the campaigns of the United States in efforts in Iraq.

This organization is rather similar to its counterpart, the Army National Guard, in this respect. These servicemen are not only used as a very important defensive tool at home, but they are used as a very important versatile offensive tool abroad as well.

Individuals who are a part of this organization usually have slightly different career paths than their counterparts though. The demands and complexity of modern day aircraft place greater strains on the abilities, knowledge, and skill of armed forces than the demands standard ground troops face in their day to day operations. For this reason, rather than only serving their country on a part time basis, many Air National Guard servicemen serve their country on a full time basis to enhance their skills and contribute to the success of the efforts of their country around the world.

The Air National Guard Website:  http://www.ang.af.mil/

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