October 16, 2021

Air Force Blues: The Air Force Dress Uniform

The Air Force Blues, as the uniform worn by airmen and other members of this branch of the military is known, helps to ensure a professional appearance at all times. The current dress regulations are a perfect combination of both tradition and practicality. The outward impression created by the Air Force blues is one of pride and discipline. If you are planning to enlist, it is important to understand the rules that govern the wearing of this uniform in various occasions. The following information should help to ensure that you look like a military hero at all times.

You will need to use a white long sleeve formal shirt under the blue jacket. If attending a formal function there would be a requirement to wear a blue satin bow tie. Around the waist should be a blue cummerbund. The cummerbund should be positioned halfway between the shirt and the pants, covering equal parts.

If you have any medals from your time in service, these need to be affixed to the left side of the jacket, between the lapel and the arm seam. A commander should attach their insignia on to the right side of their uniform, in line with the top row of models.

To ensure that other personnel can easily recognize rank and occupation, the occupational badge should be worn half an inch above the top row of medals. If you do not have a row of medals, the occupational badge needs to be positioned midway between the shoulder and the highest button on the left side of the uniform. It is stipulated that aeronautical and chaplain occupational badges must be worn at all times on the dress uniform, other occupational badges are not mandatory, though are usually worn.

Small accessories add to the overall appearance of the Air Force blues. Cuff links and studs can be worn, but these must be the special wing and star design. No other type of links and studs are allowed to be used with the outfit.

Officer’s insignia should be attached as close as possible to the shoulder seams on both sides of the dress. Enlisted members who do not have officer rank should center their insignia between the elbow and the shoulder seam.

Name tags are not usually part of the formal blue dress outfit. These are predominantly used when wearing battle dress uniform to improve coordination.

The regulations and standards governing female personnel are not the same as for men, this is due to the obvious physical differences between the genders. Women are allowed to adorn their ears with simple rings or studs, as long as these are deemed as being in good taste by commanding officers. Pregnant enlistees and officers have access to special dress uniforms that have been designed for serving personnel that are carrying a child.

The Air Force blues is admired and respected throughout the country. Wearing the outfit correctly at a formal function can boost pride and respect. It is one of the added benefits of joining the military.

For more information, visit http://csat.au.af.mil/blue_horizon/index.htm