October 16, 2021

Air Force Instruction on Dress and Personal Appearance is Updated

“The United States Air Force has completely revised their dress code, adding new items and getting rid of others. The policy was previously revised before the release of the Airman Battle Uniform and focused on clarifying certain aspects of appearance such as length of fingernails, what color cell phone a soldier can carry while on duty, and how many rings a female soldier can wear.

Unlike that moderate revision, the Air Force Instruction 36-2903 is a complete overall of the policy which now includes more tables and photographs.

“”Individuals learn and retain information differently,”"said Ruth Ewalt, a senior official at the Air Staff. The hope is that the newly formatted visual aids will add to the usability of the AFI and allow airmen to better understand what is expected.

There was also a need to consolidate the information from the 98th virtual uniform board and other revisions that have been approved in the last five years to eliminate contradictions. A major difference in the new AFI is the way it is organized. Instead of soldiers having to flip to numerous different pages to see the specifications for one uniform, each uniform has its own section ranging from formal wear to utility and distinctive uniforms. In the first three chapters are sections on the basic philosophy of the Air Force, appropriate occasions for certain uniform items, places to purchase uniforms, and grooming and appearance standards. Chapters four through seven lay out the instructions for every uniform worn by members of the air force and details on all outer garments, headgear, and accessories. While The remaining chapters offer customizations of uniforms in respect to badges, awards, and decorations. In addition to the usual topics the AFI added across the board regulation for tattoo sizing. The current standard still applies, in that the tattoo should not cover more than twenty-five percent of the body part. Any tattoo that is considered excessive requires commander-approval.

The newly revised AFI was designed with the help of input from airmen of all ranks and areas of the Air Force. Senior officials wanted everyone whether they be commanders, recruits, training officers, or recruiters, because of the all encompassing effect of the new Air Force Instruction.”

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