October 16, 2021

Joining The Air Force, A Smart Career Choice

Joining the Air Force is a smart career choice, of this there can be no doubt. With businesses of all sizes closing their doors across the country, finding permanent and rewarding employment in not such an easy task. A career of military service offers complete job security and the opportunity to help protect the country. If you are interesting in signing up, but not sure where to begin, the following information should be of use to you.

The first activity you must complete is to find a recruitment officer in your locality, this is not so difficult, USAF recruiters have a presence in almost every town in the country. To find your nearest recruitment officer, the quickest approach to take would be to search for information online. You can visit the Air Force website and enter your zip code and be provided a list of locations where recruiters operate. You should then contact the agent to fix up an appointment.

If you do not have access to your own transport, and are worrying about being able to find the recruitment office, do not despair. The USAF pulls out all the stops to help potential recruits. Speak to your local recruiter about your predicament, you may find that they are willing to visit your home to discuss your options, or they may offer to pick you up to bring you to the office for a discussion.

Not everyone would be able to join the USAF. There are a few basic criteria that need to be met before your application would be taken seriously. The regulations stipulate that enlistees must have no serious law violations or convictions in their name and hold a high school diploma, or in certain circumstances a GED.

The minimum age for enlistment is seventeen with parental consent, or eighteen otherwise. There is also a need to complete the Armed services Vocational Aptitude Battery test. Height and weight restrictions are also enforced rigidly. If you have any health or medical problems that can impair performance and ability, these need to be made clear to the recruitment officer at the initial stage.

Once the agent is happy that you are eligible to join the USAF, the next stage would involve visiting a Military Entrance Processing Center, where a physical examination and drug test are given. If you fail the drugs test you will be disqualified from joining the military permanently.

The US Air Force attracts recruits from a diverse range of backgrounds. The decision to sign up is not one that is often regretted. With a huge range of occupations available in the military, a career in the Air Force is the perfect way to learn a trade, develop skills, and be paid handsomely for the privilege.

The expertise learnt while undertaking military service can be put to use in civilian life after ending your contract. It is no surprise that more young men and women are turning to the US Air Force as a way of building a better life.