October 16, 2021

Fighter Jets Used in Operation Odyssey Dawn UN Coalition Strike on Libya

This is a list of the planes and fighter jets of the coalition members that are involved in the ‘Operation Odyssey Dawn’ attack on Libya:

United States

42 F-16 fighter jets currently stationed at the U.S. Air Base Aviano, Italy.

F-16 Operation Odyssey Dawn Attack on Libya

F-16 Fighter Jets Are Being Used in the Operation Odyssey Dawn Attack on Libya by UN Coalition forces.


Canada is a UN coalition partner, and has:

  • 6 CF-18 fighter jets


France is fieldingĀ 20 fighter jets including:

  • Rafale war planes
  • Mirage fighter jets
  • AWACS surveillance aircraft


Britain has these aircraft involved:

  • Typhoon patrol jets
  • Tornado attack aircraft
  • air-to-air refuelling aircraft
  • surveillance aircraft


Italy is using the following types of aircraft in this mission:

  • Tornado fighters
  • F-16s
  • Eurofighters